How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Being A Great Manager

"I wish I would have known that when I first became a manager."

The reflection heard in every office around the world.

And it's repeated month after month as managers encounter new and difficult situations they must tackle with dexterity.

Chances are good you've said it once or twice during your career. And, thought it to yourself several more times.

For example, here's a few situations that stump new and experience managers alike:

  • Having a difficult and awkward employee conversation about behavior.
  • Conducting a performance review that isn't like going to the dentist.
  • Motivating your team beyond money or monetary perks.
  • Creating the ideal job description, interviewing candidates and hiring the right person consistently.
  • Delegating without micromanaging and fear that someone will drop the ball and leave you holding the bag.
  • Getting everything done without staying late – or taking work home every night.
  • Firing an employee for any reason.

These, and many others, are common yet tough situations you need to be equipped to handle well, whether you’re an experienced manager, newly promoted, or aspiring to become one.

Here's The Problem:

The typical journey to becoming a great manager takes months, even years of blind stumbling.

You gradually acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the complexities of management. But this path always comes with expensive consequences...

… lost time, decreased productivity and underperformance – if you're lucky.

It could be worse: decisions that sap morale, lead to lawsuits and force good employees to quit.

Why is this?

Employees and managers are rarely trained.

Here some facts:

  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that employers with fewer than 100 employees provided only 12 minutes of manager training per six month period. And organizations with 100-500 employees provided only 6 minutes of training for the same time span.
  • Our internal surveys uncovered that 52% of organizations only train their managers once a year or less, and...
  • 41% of managers with 10 years or less of management experience say they have never had any management training.

These, and many others, are common yet tough situations you need to be equipped to handle well, whether you’re an experienced manager, newly promoted, or aspiring to become one.

Most companies promote you to management because you excelled as an individual contributor. But this doesn't necessarily translate to succeeding as a manager.

It's a different job, with different responsibilities and radically different skill requirements. Yet, as the data above shows, supervisors are left to their own devices to figure out how to become effective managers.

Oh, and college doesn't help much either when it comes to managing people.

Good managers try to take the lack of formal training into their own hands, but they run into three issues:

  1. Too busy
  2. Too much information, scattered all over the place
  3. Too many sources, not sure whom or what to trust

Knowing this, what are you going to do about it?

The Important Choice You Have To Make Today...

Are you going to wing it as a manager?

Improvising through each new challenge that arises.

That's one way to go...struggling down the trial and error path to becoming a great manager as many have before you.

OR do you want to use a map with clearly laid out shortcuts. And...

...just to be safe, carry a backpack full of supplies so you’re armed for any difficult situation that comes your way.

If you prefer the latter scenario, keep reading because it's within your grasp...

Introducing: ResourcefulManager Insider

ResourcefulManager Insider is an all-access membership that delivers the best management and professional development advice and practical tools you need to become the best manager you can be.

If you're ready to develop the skills to help your staff perform, help your company hit goals and help yourself advance in your career...RM Insider offers quality, actionable information you can trust – professionally curated, distilled and delivered to you all in one place.

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With RM Insider, we pull back the curtain on the topics, tactics, and strategies that don’t show up in our public blog posts.

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Membership Details Insider

Access to an initial library containing 116 resources you can access immediately ($1,310 value)

New Blueprints ($67 value)

New Essential Insights Reports ($19 value)

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Pricing $19/Month, Billed Annually
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